Ed Paul, Executive Director

Born and raised on Lake Marion, Ed has been an avid outdoorsman and a part of wildlife conservation since he can remember. Ed played four years of collegiate baseball at Francis Marion University, while graduating with a business degree with a focus in Management. He is married to Leslie Paul (youth minister at the Presbyterian Church in Manning) who also loves the outdoors. They have two sons Edsel and Logan.

Before accepting the Executive Director position for SCWP, Ed was the Education Director for the South Carolina Waterfowl Association. There Ed led a team of dedicated conservation education staff to help grow SCWA youth programs “Camp Woodie” and “Camp Leopold” to record attendance. Ed’s wildlife conservation efforts as well as his fundraising experience will help the South Carolina Wildlife Partnership (SCWP) make a positive impact on South Carolina’s present day and future hunting heritage.


Johnny Evans is the Executive Chairman of CF Evans Construction. CF Evans was named the Multifamily Family Builder of the Year for 2017 by the National Association of Home Builders, and has been on of South Carolina's Best Places to Work for 10 years running. Johnny served on the Department of Natural Resources board for ten years, including as the Chairman of the Board.


His passion for the outdoors and introducing and providing outdoor experiences for others is remarkable. His belief in SCWP’s mission and his relationships with many South Carolina land owners will help SCWP form key partnerships that will broaden public hunting opportunities on quality properties.


Johnny Evans, President of the Board


Chip Campsen

Vice President

It is so meaningful to me to share our natural resources with those who might not have to opportunity to enjoy them. SCWP is a limitless opportunity to pass on our hunting heritage, and provides structured hunting for South Carolina public hunters on premier private lands.

Paul C. Aughtry III

I think that the outdoors and Mother Nature are great teachers of good core values as well as an outstanding place to build and grow long lasting relationships, be they with family or friends. I have been very fortunate to now have my own private properties to hunt---most are not so lucky. Sharing these with those that aspire to hunt, but may not have the places to do so, and coaching friends in similar situations to my own to do likewise, is a wonderful opportunity--a blessing.

JMorgan crop.jpg

John Morgan

Hunting and fishing in South Carolina is a privilege. A way to show my gratitude is to make sure as many dedicated to the outdoors as possible have the same opportunity and access. Supporting and working for the SCWP is a great way to support that goal.

David J. Wielicki

The future of our wildlife resources depends on developing a strong constituency of conservation minded hunters which can only be developed through a team effort involving both private and public land hunters.

Buford Mabry 


I joined the Board because the organization is dedicated to increasing the number of people who get to hunt and enjoy the natural resources of the state.

William A. Demmer

I fully embrace the Vision and Mission of the South Carolina Wildlife Partners. It is critical that young hunters in particular have quality places to experience the thrill of a successful hunt. Quality access can also help stimulate thoughts associated with hunting and conservation ethics.

Gairy Nichols.jpg

Gairy Nichols

I’ve been fortunate in my life as an outdoorsman to enjoy great moments on private rural land. I have fond memories going back to childhood of walking with my father behind bird dogs, paddling to duck blinds at first light, and standing in sunflower fields while doves traded overhead. Hunting and fishing these places continues to be an important part of my life with children and grandchildren, and it’s my goal now to offer the same opportunities to folks who may not have access to these special places. SCWP is the perfect vehicle for me to give back and assist with these important goals. 


Stephen Davis


“ Having been Governor Sanford’s 3rd Congressional District appointee to the SCDNR Board for his 2 terms, I became very familiar with the alarming decline in new hunter recruitment in the Southeast Region and our state. South Carolina’s heritage of hunting and outdoor sports, an integral component of our history, must also remain a vital component of our future health as a state. I believe that the SCWP can play a role in enhancing opportunities to continue and grow our proud hunting and outdoor traditions and find new reasons to invite increased participation enjoying the outdoors.”

Rebecca A. Humphries

Most of our conservation leaders have come through hunting in this country. So, if we are going to have that next generation of folks who really care about the outdoors that they know we can use it today and still have it tomorrow, and that we can have sustainable use of our natural resources and that people can value it, we need to make sure we get them out and get them connected with the natural resources.


George C. Thornton

SCWP was created out of a recognition that local solutions are the best approach to problems. While we have numerous national Not For Profit and governmental agencies working at the “think tank level”, a public- private solution can only work with local relationships and administration.

SCWP is a coalition of resource groups that address the dramatic loss of access and experience opportunities needed to introduce people to our rich traditions of hunting and wildlife stewardship.

Board of Directors

The SCWP Board was formed in 2017 and consists of South Carolina private land owners, conservation organization leaders, and avid outdoors men and women.

Being a Special Operator (R) and veteran of our United States military and experiencing nature around the globe, I cannot express enough how great this program is for families, veterans, kids, etc...bonding with each other and bonding with nature.

What a great opportunity to do something unique for today’s hunters and the next generations of hunters!

Mario De Carvalho