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How do I apply for a SCWP partnership hunt?

You will be added to the SCWP draw by successfully completing the SCDNR Waterfowl lottery hunt application as long as you register by opting in for the SCWP hunt on the SCDNR lottery application, and were not drawn for the SCDNR hunt. 

Registration on the DNR lottery hunt page and is quick and easy. You can register anytime up until the DNR drawing takes place. Only the primary applicant needs to apply as the information will be sent to SCWP to enter into their independent draw system.

To apply for SCWP hunt see 


How much does it cost to apply?

There will be no cost other than your personal preparation and transportation to the hunt location.


What documentation will I need to apply?

You will need your:

  • SC Hunting License # (16 years old and up)

  • Hunter Safety Certification # 


Will I build or accrue points if I apply?

The point system only applies to the original SCDNR lottery hunts that you apply for annually.

Yes, you will still gain points through the SCDNR draw even if you are not drawn for SCDNR or SCWP hunts. Your Information will be stored in the SCDNR licensing department/draw hunt program, and if you were unsuccessful this year then apply again next year for the SCDNR draw and your points form this year will apply to next year. Each year you successfully apply for SCDNR hunts you gain points that increase the probability of being drawn.


Who should I contact about the hunt details?

Successfully drawn applicants for SCWP hunts will be contacted within one week of the draw date, and two weeks prior to the hunt date to go over hunt details. Either SCWP Executive Director- Ed Paul or a SCWP hunt staff coordinator will be contacting you. Make sure all contact information is correct on your application before submitting it.


Will my points start all over if I am successfully drawn?

No, you don’t accrue points for the SCWP draw hunts, but if you are successfully drawn for SCWP it will not affect your points for the SCDNR hunts.

What happens if my hunt is rescheduled due to weather or other changes?

Unexpected weather or emergency conditions that alter the hunt date. SCWP and the land owner will communicate to change the date so that the hunt will occur on another date that works for the successfully drawn applicant.


Where does my application money go?

All application money stays with SCDNR and will aide the lottery and draw hunt department of SCDNR to be able to handle the growth with SCWP Private Lands/Public Hunts opportunities. If you are successfully selected for SCWP hunts and a payment is acquired the day of the hunt then that money goes to SCWP to help prepare for and enhance the public hunting opportunities on the private lands within the partnership.


What’s the benefit for the land owner to partner?

The land owner is given the opportunity to share their private property with others to ensure the heritage of hunting and ethical conservation and management practices while being supported by SCDNR policy during a SCWP structured hunting experience.

Also, the land owner can demonstrate to neighboring land owners and public hunters the importance and impact of the SCWP partnership. Protecting our ability to hunt, our heritage of hunting, wise use and sustainability, as well as ethical practices while experiencing new hunting opportunity. The land owner will have a direct impact on public land hunters, new hunters, future hunters, and past hunters which will increase South Carolina wildlife habitat publicly and privately as well as impact the entire outdoor industry.


If my hunt is cancelled outside of my control will I be reimbursed or rescheduled for another date?

Yes, you will be notified with other hunt date options. If no options work for you, then you will not be required to pay any fees for the SCWP hunt.

Do I need to be hunter safety certified?

Yes, if you were born after 6/30/1979 you are required to have completed and passed the course to purchase a SC hunting license. You must be hunter’s safety certified to apply for any SCWP draw hunts.


Will I be able to hunt all day?

This will be answered when you are contacted by the SCWP representative. Each SCWP (Species Specific) partnership draw hunt is slightly different. Timelines will be as clear as possible in the hunt package information but will confirmed by the SCWP representative.


Do I get anything for being successfully drawn?

Yes, you will get a great opportunity to go on a well-managed property and meet some great people all while enjoying God’s country! You will receive a SCWP camouflage hat for successfully being drawn. Most importantly an outdoor experience memory that can never be taken away.


How will I know I have been drawn for the hunt?

You will be notified by SCWP as soon as the draw is completed by SCWP and SCDNR.

Make sure all your contact information is correct. SCWP nor SCDNR are responsible for further contact once all contact reaches have been attempted.


If I am 15 or under and not required to have a hunting license what do I need to do?

You will need to provide your Hunters Safety Certification number. If you have not completed and passed the course, you will not be able to apply. Applicants 15 years old and younger must be accompanied by a valid SC licensed hunter 18 years or older to accompany you on the hunt (Only to observe). This person was not drawn so they will not be able to carry a firearm unless otherwise communicated by the land owner.


What do I need to bring for the hunt?

This will all be answered by the SCWP representative that contacts you once you have been successfully drawn. There is a species-specific pack list on the website that provides a generic packing list, but specifics will be covered once you have been notified.


What licenses and permits do I need to have for the hunt?

You can refer to to make sure you have all licenses and permits to pursue the species you applied for.


How are my points from previous years maintained?

They are managed in SCDNR’s draw hunt and licensing software just like your previously purchased license information/ID number/ and hunters safety information is stored. There are only points when you sign up for SCDNR lottery hunts. There is how you apply for SCWP by checking the box that says if you are unsuccessfully drawn with SCDNR then you would like to be entering in the SCWP hunt option. SCWP does not run on a points system.

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